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How to help your team unleash the power of play

Jeff Harry, top HR influencer and founder of Rediscover Your Play, has helped corporations from Google to Amazon to Microsoft to develop their sense of creativity and fun. Listen to…
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Let’s not cancel Christmas just yet!

Never have we more needed to celebrate and connect… Wrapping the year (in big, glossy bow) the Christmas office party has traditionally served as both milestone and morale booster: a…
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What the Royal Marines taught me about resilience

In his 20 years with the Royal Marines, Major Ben Richardson led troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; trained ranks from raw recruits to warrant officers, and received the commando medal…
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B+ for effort: Did your family pass the lockdown test?

Tash Bell with her husband Mat Freer, and their children Poppy, 14, Stanley, 12, and Rose, 10. (Picture credit: Jay Williams) Summer’s here, home-school is out. As we start to…
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Bringing the Buzz Back to Your Office

As many of us start to return to the office, safety is on everyone’s mind. Maintaining physical distance will mean the introduction of shift patterns and staggered start times; the…
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How to Supercharge your Team Remotely

Covid’s not playing ball, so Boris has blown the whistle: No-one’s allowed back to the office (if they can possibly help it). Our teams will be working at a physical…
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