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What the Royal Marines taught me about resilience

In his 20 years with the Royal Marines, Major Ben Richardson led troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; trained ranks from raw recruits to warrant officers, and received the commando medal…
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B+ for effort: Did your family pass the lockdown test?

Tash Bell with her husband Mat Freer, and their children Poppy, 14, Stanley, 12, and Rose, 10. (Picture credit: Jay Williams) Summer’s here, home-school is out. As we start to…
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Bringing the Buzz Back to Your Office

As many of us start to return to the office, safety is on everyone’s mind. Maintaining physical distance will mean the introduction of shift patterns and staggered start times; the…
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How to Supercharge your Team Remotely

Covid’s not playing ball, so Boris has blown the whistle: No-one’s allowed back to the office (if they can possibly help it). Our teams will be working at a physical…
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Our Ultimate WFH Survival Kit

More of us than ever are facing the challenges of Working From Home. Whilst everyone’s home and work context is unique, we all need to keep ourselves sane and strong.…
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Being Human (when the sky is falling in)

When lockdown forced him to close his business, entrepreneur and restauranteur Mark Cribb had to break the bad news to his team. The unique way he delivered his message led…
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A couple enjoying a dinner date at home

The Relationship Experiment

Like many long-term couples, my husband and I thought we had the formula to our relationship cracked: Happiness = quality time together + quantities of time apart. Essentially I worked…
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Losing Focus? How to Win the Attention Battle

Research shows remote working can reap dividends for focused work/ task completion. But now COVID 19 has moved in, we’re mostly working from home – and it’s getting pretty crowded…
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