Feel like the WFH party is over? You’re not alone!

If billionaire founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, has admitted to experiencing ‘Zoom fatigue’, guess how the rest of us are feeling?!

Researchers at Stanford University attribute our all-round sense of being shattered to a clutch of causes:

  • Excessive close-up eye contact (who you lookin’ at, kid?)
  • The tiring effect of seeing oneself in real-time (the horror!)
  • “Cognitive load’ of video calls (my head hurts…)
  • Reduction in mobility (great, now my butt hurts too)

To paraphrase Professor Jeremy Bailenson, Director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab:

We’ve taken the most natural thing in the world – a human conversation – and made it into something that involves A LOT of thought.

No surprise that many bosses are calling people back to the office – Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase being the latest to announce that remote working is not helping them generate new ideas, maintain company culture or keep their competitive edge. But for many people around the world, returning to the office remains a distant dream – and we need to keep doing the best we can when stuck to a screen at home.

To help you keep going, here are a couple of our fave WFH experiments, designed to put a smile on your (overly scrutinised) face, and a spring into your (much less than 10,0000 a day) steps.


Cold Shower

Hunch  Exposure to cold water helps relieve stress, boosts your mood and soothes sore muscles. It can also improve immune systems and circulation.

Experiment  Take a cold shower every morning! Stay under long enough for your breathing to return to normal (1 to 2 minutes) and see how you feel!

Watch Something Funny!

Hunch  Laughing releases endorphins into your brain, masking discomfort and giving you a timely lift.

Experiment  Watch a clip of your fave comedian on YouTube or watch a funny film. Anything that takes you outside of yourself and makes you laugh out loud.

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