Let's reinvent the world of work...

one experiment at a time

The Culture Experiment is here to inspire the way we work and live. In these times of unprecedented change, success comes not from what we know, but how willing we are to learn. When we’re all inventing the ‘new normal’, there are no right answers – just informed hunches, bold ideas, and the courage to act on them.


We bring you the latest in evidence-based hypotheses, and generate practical experiments to get people in business more energized, agile and resilient. We share the big new ideas – and small stunning insights – to help you collaborate and create brilliantly together.

Yesterday is a foreign country, they did things differently there. So what  can we discover today to transform tomorrow?


Thank you for being an experimentalist, for giving ’new’ a go, and sharing your journey with us. Welcome to the unknown – we’re excited to be exploring it with you!

Share your experiments with us at hello@thecultureexperiment.com


Mat Freer

Mat Freer


Having spent the best part of twenty years helping global organisations to build cultures of agility, innovation and experimentation, Mat believes success comes not from what you know, but how willing you are to learn. He’s never happier than when helping people and businesses create and deliver the experiments they need to grow and become more effective. If he could fit into a skinny T, the slogan would read, “Let’s re-invent the way we work…one experiment at a time.” (And across the back? “Beware experts bearing easy answers while wearing brightly-coloured trainers”).

Tim Widdowson

Tim Widdowson


A behavioural change specialist, keynote speaker & trainer, Tim’s core focus is developing and exploring the creative behaviours needed for cultures & businesses to flourish.

Everyone who comes into contact with Tim finds themselves infected by his never-ending energy and passion for creativity. He makes learning how to collaborate & innovate a powerful and utterly enjoyable experience…for even the most hardened of cynics!


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