Training that sticks

Experts in creating and delivering
training that truly engages
we run learning programmes around
Agility, Innovation, Creativity,
Collaboration and Resilience.

We deliver a series of bite-sized (60 min) social learning sessions tailored entirely to your needs.

Whatever you want to focus on, we facilitate positive and meaningful experiences for your team. They learn how to develop the shared language, practical tools and common understanding to collaborate and innovate together more effectively.

Ripping up the rules of remote learning, we create interactive experiences that pack a real punch!

Example Training Sessions

The Uncomfortable Art of (Really) Listening How to make sure you’re really listening to each other!

Unstick Your Thinking How to unlock each others creative potential, and make progress, even when working remotely.

Agile Ambitions The tools and approach needed for a team to collaboratively create a frame and vision around success for the project or task they’re working on.

Change Ready Mindsets Staying resilient and open to possibility when faced with uncertainty and change.

No More Tricky Conversations How to have that critical ‘tricky’ conversation you’ve been putting off.

The Human Connection Opportunity Why NOW is the perfect time for the team to look outwards and
intentionally build the network it needs to succeed.

Curious Questions Making sure the team is asking the questions needed to unlock any challenging situation.



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