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We can’t be the first to say it: To work remotely, a team must be closer than ever.  
If your business is to thrive
in today’s complex and volatile business environment, your teams need to pull together – to innovate and inspire one another. 

We help teams stay collaborative, creative and connected when working physically apart.

We work with you to design and deliver the support your team needs to succeed. Whatever your areas of focus, we create social experiences for your people, full of positive energy and fun. 



We take your team through a series of fun, social interventions to help them build their own foundations for brilliance.

As they progress from one session to the next, your people get the stimulus, support and space needed to co-create their road map for working together.

  • Create trust We structure in exercises to help your team get to know each other even better – fostering relationships that spur creativity and innovation: You need to be able to challenge each other’s ideas…not each other!
  • A shared vision of success By understanding each other’s personal goals and ambitions, you ensure everyone is excited and energized by the progress they’re making – and the direction you’re headed together.
  • Agreeing the BIG stuff We look at all the factors currently helping / hindering your team to deliver against their shared vision of success. Where do they need to focus if they’re to make a real difference?

  • Team Standards How do you behave together when at your best?  We help your team create a set of work values to aspire to – not a rod to beat yourselves with! Having agreed goals together, you can support each other to achieve them.
  • ‘Ways of Working’ Experiments We help you land practical experiments around the ways you work together – to ensure the team is constantly iterating and improving its working processes.

Let's reinvent the world of work...one experiment at a time


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