A Seasonal Celebration Like No Other

Bringing everyone together
no matter how physically apart

Let's Connect, Celebrate and Recharge!

Feels like forever we’ve been stuck working from home…staring at the walls…fielding the nth call of the day. No wonder it’s taking its toll.

This year more than ever we need A FESTIVE PARTY to boost our wellbeing, and bring us together.

We blend the digital and the physical to treat your people to a party they’ll never forget!

Welcome to an exhilarating LIVE event where every participant is the star.

We facilitate the fun, creating joyful, social interactions to bring your people closer together than ever.

We work with you to create the bespoke, bedazzling package your people need! At the heart of the party, we create ‘wow moments’ around:


Giving everyone the opportunity to connect directly and deeply with each other.

Recognition and Celebration

Your chance to show people how much you appreciate them and their effort.

Staying Strong

A powerful, personal experience that builds everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Fun & Games

A chance to relax, make merry and have a festive blast.

Get Ready to Party

Party in a Box In the run-up to the BIG DAY, each participant receives an event box crammed with fun materials and quirky gifts-to intrigue and excite everyone around what’s to come.
Room Dressing + Fancy Dress We provide the decorative frills and party touches to help people give their space a seasonal makeover.
Festive Nosh (and naughty/nice Cocktails!) Whatever food and drink you fancy, we deliver the freshest ingredients to EVERYONE’S door,getting your guests ready to ‘cook along’ with our cool Yule chef.

The Party

BIG HO-HO TO ALL! Our high-energy facilitators get everyone straight up and moving, prepping your people to get stuck into the fun. Then it’s over to your Leaders to welcome everyone to the party…
Fun with your leaders’ delivery Do we ‘catch’ your CEO in their kitchen–in a pinny, making mince pies? Are they sat next to a roaring fire in full Santa costume–or dressed as Scrooge? ‘Bah Humbug!’
Down the Chimney Give people a hilarious ‘through the keyhole’ tour of assorted leader’s homes, exposing the best (and worst) bits of their Xmas preparations.

Real Fireside Chats

Breaking people into small groups, we launch them straight into an honest, meaningful chat. No awkward small talk, but an opportunity to connect straight off with different people, build relationships and have some fun.

Stories of Christmas Past
The Worst / Best gift you’ve ever been given?
‘Show and Tell’ around each others home?

Fun & Games

Our expert facilitators build the fun and energy throughout the event – keeping everyone engaged and entertained with festive games until we’re all ready to let our hair down for a boogie.

Think Fancy Dress Challenge, Seasonal Scavenger Hunt, Christmas Choir, Pimp My Eggnog, Disco Dance-Off

Doorstep Challenges & Surprises

We schedule festive surprises and warm-hearted ‘wow’ moments* through the event – taking the focus of the party to different (unsuspecting) people’s doorsteps. This is your chance to recognise and celebrate people who’ve done brilliant work. Our cameras capture their delight while keeping us all engaged and excited…who might be next? Receive a knock at the door – and find yourself the star of the show!

The True Spirit of Christmas

The real magic of Christmas comes from the joy of giving back to other people, and we’ll make sure everyone has the opportunity to feel great as they connect to the true meaning of the season.

Glad Tidings to One and All  Spreading the connection and Christmas love around the company in real time.
Ghosts of Christmas Future Get crafty and spread the feel good factor.
Giving Back Create a care package for a charity.
Christmas Lunch Cook the festive feast that’s been delivered to your door, show off your culinary prowess! 

Possible flow of the party
We count on your great input when designing the event that’s perfect for your people. The below is simply stimulus to show how things might work. No ‘session’ will last longer than 45 mins, with many activities happening away from the screen.
10:30 Getting Started A high energy kick-off, people connecting with each other, hearing from leaders and enjoying a first doorstep ‘WOW’ moment.
11:30 Reflection & Connection Time away to create and share your Christmas crafting + send your Christmas cards/ notes of appreciation to colleagues or create your care package. Another ‘doorstep WOW’ – who’s next to receive a wonderful gift?
13:00 Christmas Lunch Follow our chef from your own kitchen as we make lunch together (or switch off the screen and do it your way).
14:00 Fun & Games Let your hair down, get involved in the fancy dress challenge, play our team games and crack open a cocktail.
16:00 Close + Celebrate Final words from the leadership before the event draws to a close. Stick about to dance, DJ and connect on our event platform, or switch off for a well deserved break – the choice is yours!



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