Welcome to the Great Outdoors

Outdoor Workshops and Facilitated Walking Meetings

We've been stuck inside too long...

These days who isn’t glued to their screen, trapped indoors for vast swathes of their working life?

Result? We’re wiped-out, reporting rising levels of exhaustion and shrinking attention spans. No wonder motivation and productivity are plummeting.

It’s time to do business differently

Spending time outside has a hugely positive impact on our ability to concentrate, collaborate and create:

    • Being outdoors lowers blood pressure and stress-related hormones (such as cortisol and adrenaline).
    • The acting of walking changes our brain state: We access far more of our subconscious, resulting in better insights and ideas.
    • Time spent in nature makes us more productive – by removing ‘blockers’ such as anxiety, depression and anger.

For the meetings and conversations that really matter, let’s step outside!

How can we help?

We energise teams that need to come together: Whether it’s to collaborate, innovate or create, we get you (re)connected, and making rapid progress around important issues.

We specialize in delivering the following sessions:

Unleashing Awesome   

Has your team been kept physically apart? Have new people joined – or do you just need to press ‘re-set’? We help you connect, and ensure you’re getting the most from each other.

    • Build a shared sense of purpose and belonging.
    • Invest in your relationships, creating the safety and trust needed for for effective collaboration. 
    • Get clarity and alignment around what needs to get done and (crucially!) and how to do it.
    • Have fun together (remember what that felt like?!)

Learn Together, Grow Together

For teams that need to build their collective capability to create, innovate or collaborate together.

We run high-energy, experiential learning sessions: We focus on the mindset, behaviours and skills needed to get more agile, innovative and creative. Time to roll up your sleeves, and get stuck in together: Learn through doing!

Create Together 

For teams that need to think differently, and solve a specific business challenge or issue.

    • Examine what the real challenge is, defining it in a way that gets everyone excited and buying in.
    • Delve deep for insights that produce unexpected (and brilliant!) ideas.
    • Get creative: By broadening your range of potential solutions, you can identify what really needs your focus. 

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