Being Human (when the sky is falling in)

When lockdown forced him to close his business, entrepreneur and restauranteur Mark Cribb had to break the bad news to his team. The unique way he delivered his message led his staff to love him more, and went on to be shared over 60,000 times.

Watch how Mark inspired loyalty in the people he was letting go and made thousands of new friends in the process:

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Listen to our podcast with Mark to find out

  • how he made decisions in impossible circumstances
  • prepared himself to break bad news
  • stays positive in the face of uncertainty
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Inspired by Mark’s story? Here are some experiments his experience prompted us to try:

Share the Struggle


You don’t have to have all the answers when communicating to your people, you just need to be open about the way you’re thinking and your decision making process.

The Experiment

Be open and transparent with your team about the big thing that’s occupying your attention right now – even if you’re not clear on the answer or what to do.

Stay Strong


Your physical and mental wellbeing has a direct impact on your ability to perform positively at work.

The Experiment

During times of crisis, schedule time to exercise and stay connected to friends and family – make it a key priority.


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